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Congressman “Baghdad Mike” Thompson

Air Force veteran Lawrence Wiesner is challenging Baghdad Mike in the November election. Wiesner said, “Anyone who would denounce his country on enemy soil on the eve of war should be in jail – not in Congress.”

The problem is voters in the First District of California don’t know about Baghdad Mike’s travel record.

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The Kerry Truth Squad
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Senator Zell Miller, Democrat from Georgia, nominated Bill Clinton at the 1992 Democratic Convention.

This year, he gave the Keynote Address supporting George W. Bush at the Republican Convention.

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America’s Mayor likens Bush’s vision to that of Churchill and Reagan – shows Kerry has no clear or consistent vision. View full text & TV ad.

Read Rudy Giuliani's speech.

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Our choice wasn't between a benign status quo and bloodshed. It was between war and a graver threat. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. View full text & TV ad

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The Obama Truth Squad
. . . about the United States Senate race between Alan Keyes and Barack Obama

Why Alan Keyes is Running Against Barak Obama


A historic race is underway for the next United States Senator from Illinois. The Democrats have nominated a socialist who is actually to the left of John Kerry. Abortion advocate Barak Obama and the pro-life advocate and greatest orator of the 21st century, Alan Keyes... MORE >

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As he checks which way the wind is blowing, let the Kerry Rooster recite some of Kerry’s more memorable flip-flops of this campaign.

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The Iraq War?
Funding the Iraq War?
Getting rid of the Marriage Tax?
Double taxation of dividends?
Repealing the Bush Tax Cuts?
The first Gulf War?
Affirmative Action?
Ethanol Tax Breaks?
Cuban Sanctions?
The Israel Security Fence?
How would you describe the War on Terror?
The Patriot Act?

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