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Why Alan Keyes is Running for Senate


I look at the issues that confront us and how that is distinguished from somebody like Barack Obama, who, on a range of issues -- but especially on the issues of deep moral principle -- has abandoned the American declaration, has abandoned the statesmanship of Abraham Lincoln, who came from Illinois. Barack Obama and others in the Democrat Party have abandoned the very principles on the basis of which slavery was abolished. And I think that that abandonment betrays the heart of many Americans who are deeply committed to the American creed. And that is the reason I have stepped into this race.

--Alan Keyes

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What’s done in the United States Senate will affect ALL Americans. What to expect from Senator Barack Obama:

An O-bam-inable Record in the Illinois State Senate


  • Voted to preserve the Illinois State death tax
  • Voted to increase taxes on casino visitors
  • Voted for new sales taxes on businesses

Health Care:

  • Voted to raise taxes on health insurance premiums. The insurance companies then passed the cost increase onto customers effectively raising everyone’s rates
  • Note: Obama supports lowering the cost of health care. Obama has also been known to support a Universal Health Care System


  • Voted against a bill to add extra penalties for gang related crimes
  • Voted against making it a crime for accused gang members free on bond or probation to associate with other gang members
  • Voted against prohibiting early release of sex offenders

On Pornography:

  • Voted against school internet pornography filters
  • Voted present on keeping pornographic book/video stores from within 1000 feet of schools and churches
  • Voted for sex education for children in kindergarten through fifth grade

On the Right to Life:

  • Voted twice against prohibiting taxpayer funded abortion
  • Voted against a ban on live birth abortions
  • Voted present twice to ban “partial birth abortion”
  • Voted present on parental notification
  • Voted against a cloning ban and then voted for it

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