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About RepublicanPAC


RepublicanPac.com is a Virginia non-profit political organization governed under Internal Revenue Code section 527.

RepublicanPac.com was designed to promote the republican principles of life and liberty, as practiced by Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln.

RepublicanPac.com aims to promote the benefits of limited government envisioned by Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence, and guaranteed in the United States Constitution.

The goal of RepublicanPac.com is to buy air time, produce and broadcast issue advocacy television spots that:

  • Expose Democrat double-talk on a wide range of issues.
  • Strengthen Republican leaders who uphold our rights to life and liberty in this fall’s election.
  • Support and defend the platform of Reagan Republicanism – pro-life, pro-family, strong defense and small government.

You can show your support of a Republican year by displaying one of RepublicanPac.com’s new window decals, signing up for the Republican Phone Network, and of course by making a donation.

Donations to RepublicanPac.com are not limited by source or size and are not deductible for federal and/or state income tax purposes.

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